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The Spike to my Angelus
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u ever like have a crush but its not a crush its not romantic ur just like “-looks into persons eyes- u….r my bro………….4ever……………..our broship will never die…………..ill fight 4 u in HELL we ride……………..ride………….ride on the roads of bro hell 2gether………………………………..”

What do we say to the god of death?

Persephone: knock knock

Hades: who's there?

Persephone: it's September hope you're ready to bang like a screen door in a hurricane


Angel Coulby as Bilbo Bramble Baggins—burglar, Ring-bearer, poet, translator, Elf-friend and scholar. After an adventurous youth, she spent her twilight years in Rivendell, working on her memoir, There and Back Again, as well as the compendium of lore, Translations from the Elvish. She was granted the great privilege of traveling to the Grey Havens with the last of the Elven lords, and passed into the West in her 131st year.

(part of the series YOU LOOK UPON A WOMAN, a project which reimagines Lord of the Rings with a cast of women of color)


ugh i forgot that i dont know where my tablet is so have this low quality thing. ear kisses!!! james is definitely on his tip toes because he’s a tiny guy, sirius is momentarily less rude

ringingallover replied to your post “give me advice for buying cars this stuff is hard”

LOL CARS sorry i dont actually know anything about being an adult and buying cars i just like that megan is talking about cars with you ha ha ha

wow didn’t see that one coming :P

incomprehensiblelentils replied to your post “give me advice for buying cars this stuff is hard”

<3 uhhh. what sort of stuff do you need advice about? I am not good at vague advice lol sorry.

oh jeez, idek man, i’m so new at this :P but i guess mainly, what to avoid/look for in second hand cars?